150R2R R&D coater series

The mini roll to roll (R2R) coater of the 150R2R R&D series is an easy to use entry platform for a large range of research and development applications.

The 150R2R series is developed to mimic processing in a roll-to-roll machine without the high material consumption and with minimized start up time. It is a hands-on, precise instrument for different coating techniques to deposit any solution-processable material onto flexible substrates. The system can be installed in a glovebox to process in inert (nitrogen/argon) atmosphere. The mainly featured coating technique is slot die coating, but a large range of other techniques can be integrated as well. The system can operate in drum, loop and R2R mode to cover different R&D steps from first coating trials to mimicing actual production of the coated films. The 150R2R series has a wide range of further options like web cleaning, oven and characterization options. Please contact us to tailor your 150R2R coater for your application.


Coater versions for different applications

We offer our coating machines tailored to specific applications

  • SOLAR150R2R - Coater model for working on organic and perovskite photovoltaic technologies

    • Heatable ink supply system to process polymer and small molecule inks
    • Nitrogen air blades to process perovskite films
  • BAT150R2R - Dedicated coater series to process films for batteries

    • Coating separators and electrodes for Li-Ion batteries
    • Coating films for solid state batteries in inert (nitrogen/argon) conditions
  • OLED150R2R - Our coater series for manufacturing OLEDs

    • Unit for processing OLEDs for lighting applications
    • Coating of OLED display materials
  • FC150R2R - Our coater version for fuel cell applications

    • Coating of membranes for fuel cells


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