300R2R R&D and pilot production machines

300R2R R&D and pilot production machines


The Solar Coating Platform from GM is a unique modular coating/printing platform. The system is designed to assist upscaling from lab trials to real production style runs. It can function both as an R&D system and a production machine making it the ideal bridge between two worlds. The design allows for a variety of roll-to-roll coating and printing experiments. It is applicable to any solution-processable material with a wide range of applications.

Universities and companies such as RISØ (Denmark), DTU (Denmark), ZAE Bayern (Germany), New Castle University (Australia), INES (France) and are among the users of this coating platform.


Coater versions for different applications

We offer our coating machines tailored to specific applications in the field of printed electronics and functional films. Just contact us to customize you specific configuration with different coating methods (slot die, gravure, flexographic, screen printing and many more), treatment units (Hot air, IR, UV), laser patterning, characterization/inspection/quality control units and versatile backend options (lamination, slitting, busbar/conductive tape).

  • SOLAR300R2R - Coater version for working on the upscaling and prodution of organic and perovskite photovoltaic technologies

    • Heatable ink supply system to process polymer and small molecule inks
    • Nitrogen air blades to process perovskite films
    • Inline laser patterning capability
    • Machines available including module manufacturing process
  • BAT300R2R - Dedicated coater series to process films for batteries

    • Coating separators and electrodes for Li-Ion batteries
    • Coating films for solid state batteries in inert (nitrogen/argon) conditions
  • OLED300R2R - Our coater series for manufacturing OLEDs

    • Processing OLEDs for lighting applications
    • Coating of OLED display materials with laser patterning
  • FC300R2R - Our coater version for fuel cell applications

    • Coating of membranes for fuel cells


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