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At SCIPRIOS, we provide a maximum of performance, precision and throughput at an affordable cost.

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SpinBot One

Fully automated, customizable spin-coating robot


Pilot Production

Integrated upscaling equipment



Slot Die

Custom coating heads & supplies


Introducing SpinBot Four

Our robotic platform uses a graphical user interface to control the deposition process.  Automation allows unsupervised processing of hundreds of substrates.   Speeds of one substrate per minute are possible using multiple spincoaters in parallel (here we see four).   Full process control and reproducibility.   Database capability.  Storage of process parameters and measurement results per sample.

From conception to process development

SCIPRIOS manufactures affordable custom robotic equipment solutions for  research, laboratory and industrial applications. We work with customers worldwide from our headquarters in Germany to produce shorter times to market through accelerated R&D and upscaling. 

Many of our systems  are unique and tailored to specific customer requirements. This flexibility allows SCIPRIOS to create a system that works exactly as you need it to in your lab.

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