Research in materials science requires large, multi-dimensional parameter spaces.  The number of new chemical compounds with potentially attractive properties or chemical compounds that are candidates to fulfill targeted material properties are too numerous to be counted. This requires a paradigm shift in the way that we operate laboratories.  We are heading towards automated and autonomeous laboratories that can investigate a large number of compositions in a short time or solve complex material problems guided by machine learning and artifical intelligence.  

These Materials Acceleration Platforms. or MAPs, boost performance and improve precision.  All of our products are based on SCARA robotic systems.  Combined with our self-developed software, results are easily reproducible and scalable.  Individual modules may be added as needed to create a customized laboratory solution.   Gain ultimate control - down to the microliter and millisecond.  We are providing the hardware and software solutions for the labs of the future.

Available Modules

Free deck configuration allows for customization of your laboratory automation needs.  SCIPRIOS offers these modules and can design and implement a solution based on individual requirements.

  • Deck components to heat/shake/stir inks and anneal samples

  • One or more miniature spincoaters

  • Substrate carriers for 8 substrates up to 1 inch / 25 mm size (other sizes on request)

  • Substrate carrier stacks to increase the number of substrates per process to more than 100


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