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Backend tools  & processes

After a roll or a substrate with a raw, functional printed electronic device is manufactured, the semi-finished product needs to be converted into a final market-ready product. This requires performing various processing steps from cutting the roll/glass using lasers or knifes, applying current collection and distribution busbars as well as electrical contacts through the packaging. For integrated products, various further process steps can follow until the final product is reached. SCIPRIOS has extensive know-how on these backend processing steps and tools. Especially in R&D and pilot production, the assessment at which production numbers manual, semi-automated or automated methods and tools are chosen is essential in balancing flexibility, cost and automation.


SCIPRIOS provides consumables for the operation of the equipment. Consumable kits to allow a quick and easy start or to perform practical training courses with students with the machines for a specific application are also available. Please contact us for more information.

  • Substrates: Foils, glass, with/without (conductive) coatings, patterned
  • OPV Starter Kit
  • Perovskite Starter KIT
  • Pretested and certified materials: Chemicals, solvents, premixed inks and pastes.



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