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SCIPRIOS wins IHK Start-Up Prize!

SCIPRIOS has won the Nuremberg Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) "IHK Start-up Prize for Middle Franconia"!   The IHK Start-up Award is intended to improve the start-up climate in the region and raise awareness of the start-up scene.  The 10,000 € cash prize is annually awarded to particularly successful companies.    We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and we are looking forward to many more years of continued growth and innovation!

SCIPRIOS profile on BR

In a report on sustainability, Tina Wenzel from the BR Frankenschau profiles two start-ups supported by the NKubator in Nuremberg.  One of them is SCIPRIOS, leader in the development of solar cells of the future.

SpinBot One at Nanotexnology July 2022

Our managing director, Dr. Tobias Stubhan, presents the SpinBot One.

Proposal with SpinBot accepted at Lawrence Berkeley

National Laboratory

The goal of this project is to utilize high throughput screening and in situ characterization techniques to further study the effects of A-site cations on the crystallization pathway of α-FAPbI3 based perovskite thin films in air. The Molecular Foundry acquired the robotic spin coating platform SpinBot One by SCIPRIOS which enables automated, reproducible, and high throughput synthesis of perovskite thin films. It consists of a robotic pipette channel, multiple spin coaters, hot plates, heatable solution shakers, quenching possibilities, and a characterization unit to efficiently vary both chemical compositions and thin film synthesis parameters.

User Proposal

SCIPRIOS is part of the BMWi project Pero4PV!

We are working together with perovskite industry leader Oxford PV and the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg (HI ERN), the scientific leader in materials acceleration platform development. SCIPRIOS has developed a glovebox-based SpinBot system to find suitable lead-free perovskites.



Stability Bowing in Perovskites

Our managing director, Dr. Tobias Stubhan, is co-author of this publication.  SCIPRIOS automated laboratory equipment and in particular, our Spinbots are integral to this high-throughput materials research approach. In order to screen these complex materials spaces, the high precision of automated equipement is necessary. Our Spinbots offer unparalleled precision and control for laboratory research.


ZIM Project on Laser Patterning

SCIPRIOS, along with FAU, is part of a ZIM (Central Innovation Program for SMUs) project for the development of laser patterning processes for interconnects.  P1, P2, P3 cuts to create solar modules are developed directly in the R2R production process. Contact us for more details...

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SCIPRIOS Solar & Printed Electronics partnership with GM

Leading converting equipment manufacturer GM has announced that it is joining forces with SCIPRIOS GmbH to provide tailor-made, cutting-edge R&D coating solutions for both scientific research and industrial production in all areas of printed electronics.

Press Release

SCIPRIOS licenses Spinbot Technology from Forschungszentrum Jülich

HI ERN has developed an automated spin-coating setup for its high-throughput automated processing lines . This SpinBot Technology was recently licensed by the spin-off SCIPRIOS.


October Editor's Pick from the Journal of Materials Science

SCIPRIOS Managing Director Tobias Stubhan is co-author on this article. SCIPRIOS developed and supplied some of the equipment and processes used in AMANDA. Our SpinBot-setups are used extensively for substrate preparation and interlayer coating at HI ERN/Forschungszentrum Jülich.


New World Record Efficiency for Organic Solar Modules

A research team from Nuremberg and Erlangen has set a new record for the power conversion efficiency of organic photovoltaic modules (OPV). The scientists from the 3 institutions that are the startup platform for SCIPRIOS - FAU, ZAE and HI ERN -, in cooperation with South China University of Technology (SCUT), designed an OPV module with an efficiency of 12.6 percent on an area of 26 square centimeters. The new world record exceeds the previous one of 9.7 percent by 30 percent.

FAU Press release


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