SpinBot One

A fully automated, customizable spin-coating robot

Our robotic platform uses a graphical user interface to control the deposition process.  Automation allows unsupervised processing of hundreds of substrates.   Speeds of one substrate per minute are possible using multiple spincoaters in parallel.   Full process control and reproducibility.   Database capability.  Storage of process parameters and measurement results per sample.

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Effective and efficient materials science

Automation and precision

SpinBot One automates the process of creating thin films from solutions.  Experiments with varying parameters can be performed without operator influence ensuring reproducibility.   Gain ultimate control - down to the microliter and millisecond!   Get optimum results every time. 

Fully automated processing and optoelectronic characterization of

  • Series of identical samples
  • Multi-layer stacks
  • Variations in parameters: spin speed, ink, annealing temperatures…

System based on a robotic arm with pipetting module and gripper to transport substrates, substrate carriers and vial lids. 

Starting from only 36,000 €!   Return of investment in only 1-2 years.

Custom solutions and integration

Our SpinBot systems can be tailored to your needs.  A comprehensive user interface controls the deposition process. Setup allows full process control and optimal production batch quality.  Storage of process parameters and measurement results with file export and database interfaces. 

Free deck configuration

  • Deck components to heat/shake/stir inks and anneal samples
  • One or more miniature spincoaters
    •  Up to 1 inch / 25 mm substrates (other sizes upon request)
    • Maximum of 10000 rpm
    • Vacuum option available
  • Substrate carriers for 8 substrates up to 1 inch / 25 mm size (other sizes on request)
  • Substrate carrier stacks to increase the number of substrates per process to more than 100

Characterization - Optical and electrical characterization unit / OEMU

-XY-Stages for sample positioning without blocking the main robot

-1 measurement stage for optical measurements with different fiber-based light sources and spectrometers for absorption and photoluminescence measurements

-1 measurement stage for electrical measurements with customized contact pin layout for IV characterization

-Further measurement methods available on request:

  • Transient electrical: Transient photovoltage (TPV), Transient photocurrent (TPC), Charge extraction (CE), (Photo-)Charge extraction by linearly increased voltage (CELIV)
  • Photo-induced absorption (PiA), (Transient-)photoluminescence (PL)
  • Electroluminescence (EL)
  • Laser beam induced current (LBIC)

Applications - Photovoltaics / OPV

Here a system is configured for the needs in organic photovoltaics (OPV) to manufacture the 3-4 layer multilayer stacks and allow for the testing of many different active layer ink compositions and annealing temperatures. The recommended configuration has capacity of ~100 samples per run. 

Two to three spincoaters allow for swift execution of numerous spincoating steps. Annealing temperatures are an active research topic for the layer processing. Therefore the system comes with 3 separate hotplates for different annealing temperatures.

The optical and electrical characterization unit can perform absorption, photoluminescence and electrical steady-state IV characterization. Further characterization methods are available on request.


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