Customized Lab Robot

Our robotic base platform provides transport capabilities for objects and inks including a software interface that allows to shape customized experimental procedures. Just approach us with your needs and we will find a solution to bring your process on our platforms!

Our competence includes:

  • liquid handling (mixing, shaking, heating, stirring…)
  •  substrate handling (glass, wafers…)
  • film deposition from solution (spincoating, doctor blading, drop casting,…) or using vacuum deposition systems
  •  optical, electronic and morphological measurement techniques for solutions, thin films and full devices

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As an example, here a system includes a spincoater robot with arm, pipetting module, a gripper, a heater/shaker, and an annealing station mounted on a platform for positioning labware and instruments. System is capable of processing multiple samples per run with multiple layers.

Basic  Hardware-Components:

1x – 4-axis robot
Pipetting channel
• Up to 1 ml volume
• High precision Hamilton ZEUS module for a large range of solvents and inks
• Ink mixing
Gripper kit
• Electronic gripper with 3 mm stroke per finger for substrate and vial lid transport

Standard monodeck equipment
• 2 Pipette tip racks, 2 Substrate carrier stacks, 1 Position for active carrier (8 substrates each)

• Trash bin

Basic Software
  •  Labview-based
  • Experiment configurator
  • Saving/Loading previous experiments
  • Multiple layers can be configured per substrate with annealing steps after each deposition
  • Configuration of common parameters for every substrate
  • Selection of parameter variations, e.g. spin speed, annealing temperature, ink amount, ink dispensing mode,…per substrate
  • Data export in different formats
  • Remote software maintenance capability

Customization Options

All of our systems can be tailored to fit your needs.  Individual modules can be mixed or matched to create the ideal automated solution for your laboratory.  Here are a few of the multiple options SCIPRIOS offers.  Do you need something specific?  Get in contact with us and we will be happy to create a solution that works for your laboratory!

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If you have any questions, please get in touch - we'll be glad to answer any questions you may have about our ink handler module, how to integrate it into your lab workfow, and how quickly we can get this equipment delivered to your laboratory.

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SCIPRIOS support

As with every SCIPRIOS system, we offer support packages, and each product comes with a full 2-year warranty.


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